Atlanta mayoral race: is it time for predictions of other kind?

According to the recent polls, Kasim Reed is one of the leaders in the November Atlanta’s City Hall race. And he is the only one who, according to the media, runs despite on ongoing federal investigations.

Atlanta’s former and potential mayor’s time of birth is known to the public, but I will follow in his footsteps and give astrology research a try despite that. I’ve got 12.12 popped up in my head as a time of birth and after rectifying it with events in Kasim’s life that are known to the public, I ended up with 12.13 pm.

Presuming this time is correct, here are my assumptions on what’s going on for Reed.
Atlanta City Hall investigations started roughly Summer of 2016. Kasim Reed’s directions for this time are intriguing.

Pluto, the signifier of the 8th House (crisis) and the planet of the 12th House (secrets, jail, financial crimes) aspected the 1st (Reed), 7th House (the public), and the 12th House. So, something threatening Kasim’s freedom, routine, and love of the public was in the air. But nothing bad happened to him.

That’s how directions look for 2021.

In April 2019 Reed’s directional Sun, the planet and the ruler of the 10th House (career, status) arrived at the cusp of the 12th House. And the 12th House is tricky. It, among other things, relates to the time a person spends isolated from social life. For example, monks do this voluntarily. Or people in jail.
The 12th House’s signifier is Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. And Reed has his North Node in Pisces. His life mission is to try to develop Neptune traits and qualities in the circumstances of the 6th House (as a routine, or subject or research, and so on). Neptune quality, for example, can be giving up the priority of material world values and achievements, spending productive and enjoyable time alone, and so on. Is Kasim Reed moving towards obtaining this kind of experience? It doesn’t seem so as he is running for the mayor’s office again with no substantial change in his routine or values. And that never ends well as the Universe finds the way to put you back on track. And most of the time it won’t be a pleasant surprise.
But let’s get back to Kasim’s Sun hitting the cusp of the 12th House. In the natal chart, it’s in conjunction with Lilith, which may confuse Kasim and don’t let him see clearly who he is and what his career priorities and goals are. That adds up to the possibility of negative development of Sun-12th House conjunction in the directions.

There are no indications for winning elections, so let’s concentrate on the bad stuff.

Solar return for 2021/22

Ascendant in the 8th House (crisis), Uranus-6th House conjunction (unexpected change of routine), Pluto in the 9th/10th Houses (crisis in leadership/status), Uranus in the 12th House (+1 to problems leading to jail). The good news in solar return – Saturn in the 10th House, MC is on 4/10 axis (strengthening of status), but at the same time Saturn in Kasim’s natal chart is the planet of the 8th House, which may bring more problems, than benefits.

In transits, there are three interesting periods for some events to happen.

In December 2021 Saturn, the planet of the 8th House arrives at the cusp of the 5th House (restrictions of free time, the time you can choose what to do), and Uranus from the 8th House aspects 6th House (unexpected change in routine due to some crisis/problems).

In February 2022 Jupiter, the planet of the 12th House in conjunction with Pluto arrives at the cusp of the 6th House (disgraceful change in routine).

At the end of May – beginning of June 2022 Jupiter squares Moon (status)-Venus(crisis) conjunction and Uranus from the 8th House aspects Sun, the planet of the 10th House in conjunction with Lilith.

Let’s see if something exciting happens to Kasim Reed at those periods!

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