Boston mayor 2021: Annissa Essaibi George?

As we know the 2nd person on the list for Boston mayoral elections along with Michel Wu this November is Annissa Essaibi George. Her time of birth is not known to the public, but that can never stop the curious mind. 4.13 popped in my head, after rectifying it looks more like 4.28 pm:

  • triplets plus one more son – Venus-Jupiter conjunction; Pluto & Uranus in the 5th House;
  • three siblings – Sun in Sagittarius with Uranus sextile/Moon with Uranus square;
  • politician as a dream job – Sun & Moon as tops of configurations with Uranus-Mars opposition (Mars in the 11th House);
  • teacher as a past job – Sun in Sagittarius with Jupiter sextile;
  • Annissa made her own prom dress, wedding gown, and all her bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses gets a lot of pink on her site, and ad campaigns – Jupiter-Venus conjunction in the 7-8 Houses;
  • parents immigrants – Neptune-Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius;
  • realtor husband – Jupiter-Venus conjunction.

And this time fits all known major Annissa’s life events including recent accusations that she used her position to help her husband’s business. Here are directions and transits for July 2021:

In directions:

  • the directional 6th House arrived at opposition with natal Saturn composing formulas 6/12 and 6/8 (crisis in routine related to some lies/gossips/confusion);
  • Lilith in conjunction with 10th House (career, status). Lilith in the natal chart belongs to the 7th (partnership, marriage) and 8th House (problems, threats).
    In transits:
  • Uranus opposes the 6th House (freedom from routine because of some secrets (Uranus is nearly in the 12th House);
  • Lilith-10th House square – repeats directions with Lilith in the 12th House (again, some gossips, lies, secrets, and so on).

Assuming the birth time is correct, let’s look at Annissa Essaibi George’s chances in the mayoral race. Actually, we did already, because directions stay the same we saw for July 2021.
And there are no indications for a possible victory. So, if the time of birth I came up with for Wu and George are correct, Michelle Wu is set to make Boston’s history as a first woman of color voted into its highest office.

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