Boston Mayoral race 2021: I was wrong. And right too!

Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George advanced from the nonpartisan mayoral primary election in Boston on September 14. When I was looking at Michell’s prognosis for elections a couple of weeks ago, I concluded that she doesn’t have a chance to win. Getting back to her directions today I realized I have missed two things. Why I did it?

Because those things didn’t appear on the aspect sheet automatically generated by the astrology software. Here is a lesson for me: never forget to look at the natal chart when exploring directions!

And here is what I missed.

In the natal chart, we see Mars-Venus and Mercury-Neptune conjunctions. Keeping those in mind, let’s look at Michelle Wu’s directions for election day.

If we include Venus in Mars’ aspects, we’ll get Venus (the public)-7th House sextile, that is, the 7/7 formula. And Neptune-7th House sextile (another 7/7 formula) is enhanced by Mercury, adding “I” to the “public love” making it “Public wants/loves what I want/love”. And for sure, Michelle Wu wants herself to become Boston’s mayor. With these two 7/7 formulas, Michelle’s political dreams coming true have all chanced to become reality.

And what I was right about? The time of the birth that I rectified from the one that popped up in my head got another eventual confirmation!

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