Gavin Newsom keeps governorships. What about 2022 elections?

As polls and we predicted, Gavin Newsom beats back recall effort in California. It’s a good time to look at his chances in the next year elections. After winning the recall Newsom will be the overwhelming favorite, but what astrology says about his chances?

Directions don’t look inspiring. The Mercury-10th House square (the 10/10 formula) that saved Gavin from the recall will still be in place by the time of the Democratic primaries in June. That will serve Newsom well to win party mandate. But by November 2022 the square will be gone: Mercury and Sun will be more than one degree apart from a position where they were composing the aspect.

Solar return for November 2022 looks more fun: Ascendant is on the 4/10 axis in Sagittarius (leadership), MC is on the 1/7 axis in Libra (balance), Sun and Venus are in the 10th House. The nuance is Newsom’s birthday is on October 10th, so by the election day, the previous solar return may still work.

Ascendant is on the 1/7 axis in Libra, MC is on the 4/10 axis in Cancer (go home?!); the axis 2/8 (crisis) has 3 planets – Moon, Venus (the public), and Uranus (unexpected changes); the 4/10 axis has two heavy guys – Pluto and Saturn that can bring both success and loss; the 1/7 axis has Sun (Gavin himself), Mercury (may be indications of change or success), and Mars (fight, crisis). Altogether doesn’t look that favorable for victory.

In transits, Saturn trines the 10th House and Uranus trines Moon. Aspects are light, and at the first glance look favorable. But if we look at Newsom’s natal chart, both Saturn and Uranus have more tension than harmony. Additionally, the Uranus-Moon trine activates natal Sun-Saturn-Moon t-square, a figure with a lot of energy in it. That may be a tricky thing to live through even when transits aspects a light.
First Uranus made the same aspect in late August this year. As we see Gavin Newsom did well, won the recall. Next time the aspect is due at the beginning of May 2022. Let’s set a reminder and observe what will be happening for the Governor during May-June 2022.
And keeping in mind that directions are not favorable for Newsom, let’s next look at the man who came second in the recall – Larry Elder. It seems like much more depends on Gavin Newsom’s election opponents as he doesn’t have any juicy winning indications in his prognosis.

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