Gavin Newsom recall – polls are right

The media is full of the latest polls results showing that California Governor will keep his position in tomorrow’s recall. I think this time polls are predicting the future, not just showing momentum in the crowd’s mood. We explored the prognosis for Gavin Newsom and three leading candidates separately. Let’s look at them one more time, bringing charts altogether.
Natal charts: chances to get elected during the lifetime.

Newsom has two 7/10 formulas and Jupiter-Neptune square that counts as a 7/9 formula, maybe even double one.

Elder has two 7/10 formulas and two 7/9 formulas.

Paffrath has two 7/10 formulas and multiple 7/9 formulas. By the way, both Newsom and Paffrath have a 7/7 formula (the public’s love/hate), but Newsom’s formula is composed of a hard aspect (square), and Paffrath’s 7/9 formulas mostly composed of light aspects (trine) and one hard aspect, but of a different nature. In conjunction, there is less fight, more confusion. So far we see that square between rules of the 7th House brought Gavin Newsom some polarized “fans”. This is typical for the current political situation in the U.S., but still worth paying attention to.

John Cox got only two 7/10 formulas, so his chances to be elected are not even potential ones. They most likely don’t exist in our Universe. So we won’t include him in further consideration.

Directions for the recall day:


  • 10/10 formula composed of Mercury-10th House square (a lot of energy); Mercury, one of the strongest planets, is the ruler of both the 1st and the 10th Houses, so Mercury-10th House square also composes 1/10 formula (getting the power by your own efforts). And Gavin Newsom put a lot of effort to stay in power.
  • 7/10 formula composed of Uranus-7th House sextile. Sextile doesn’t generate that much energy, but Uranus is one of the strongest planets in Newsom’s chart and it’s placed in the 1st House. So again, active campaigning does support Gavin’s chances to retain the position;
  • 9/10 and 7/9 formulas composed of Saturn (planet of the 7th House) making a square with the cusp of the 9th House.
    And I love how Gavin Newsom trying to play out 8/9 and 8/10 formulas by saying “More people will die if I’m recalled“. He is saying that crisis and death (8th House from the formula) will hurt others more than him if he’ll lose power (10th House). So he is kind of transferring, passing crisis and political death from himself to the public. Nice move!


7/10 formula composed of Saturn-7th House sextile. Sextile is not a very strong aspect, Saturn is not among the strongest planets and doesn’t relate to either 7 or 10 Houses, but it’s a ruler of the 9th House (informal leadership).

7/10 formula composed of Pluto-10th House trine. Again, a trine is not a very strong aspect, Pluto is not among the strongest planets and it doesn’t relate to either 7, 9, or 10 Houses.

Sun-9th House opposition. That’s a strong aspect and it explains why Larry Elder, 69 years old, suddenly decided to run for a political office for the first time. The itch (aspect) to try a role (Sun in the 12th House) of a leader (9th House) is too strong (opposition) to disregard. Toying with the idea of the possibility to win itself gives a huge boost to Larry’s ego and self-esteem. 

What is Elder’s approach to releasing a lot of energy of the 8/10 formula composed of Neptune-10th House opposition? To understand that we need to see Neptune’s position in the natal chart. It doesn’t relate to the 7th or 10th Houses, it has an opposition with Venus in the 12th House. So relationships with women may be full of Neptune energy – illusions, lies, sacrifices (and the last are not from Larry’s side, of course). And look at what happened this past weekend. Media report “Actress McGowan appeared alongside the Republican candidate after accusing Newsom’s wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom of attempting to persuade her not to go public with her allegations against Harvey Weinstein.”

So Elder brings a woman to accuse another woman to help him win against a man. How do you like that?! I find it fascinating! But will it count as using the 8/10 energy? Let’s think. Venus is not only a signifier of women in general, it’s also a signifier of the public. Confuse (Neptune) the public (Venus) with sex scandal (8th House) to avoid negative change in your own career and position can probably count as an 8/10 formula manifestation. But Larry Elder is not in the office yet. So, I would say, this move probably won’t help with gaining power. But still good to make to avoid problems with the earlier accusations of Elder. 

Paffrath: the only 7/9 formula looks too lonely to provide success at this time.

To decide between Newsom and Elder who both have chances according to directions, let’s look at their’s transits.

Newsom’s most interesting aspect is the Uranus-9th House conjunction. It’s the strongest aspect you can have, Uranus is both Newsom and power, and in the natal chart Uranus is one of the strongest planets and it has both light and hard aspects.

Elder’s got Saturn from 9th House making a square to Sun in the 12th House. Square is not as strong as a conjunction, but still, carries plenty of energy to make things happen. What things? Let’s look at Saturn’s position in the natal chart. It’s not among the strongest planets, it’s a part of the t-square which gives Saturn more baddies than goodies. And in transits, it activates Sun in the 12th House, which is not about power, public, or leadership.

With both directions and transits more favorable for Gavin Newsom, I would say it’s certain he will keeping Governor’s position.

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