Astrology Basics: Moon under Gemini influence

Your Moon is infused with Gemini energy if it is:

  • in major aspect with Mercury;
  • in the 3rd House;
  • in Gemini.

Help your Moon to function properly, without creating fears and blocks by bringing Gemini energy to Moon’s functions.

Eat: snacks, salads, and any other food that has a lot of small chunks, sandwiches, change what you eat regularly, eat with friends.
Keep at home: notepads, pens, and pencils, anything that can be changed fast and easy, anything for friends or learning, make sure you have a circulation of air at home.
Watch: quiz shows, travel/learning shows, anything with friends.
Therapy: cognitive therapy.
Home pet: any small pet, multiple pets.
Make sure your home is a place with a constant change of something so new emotions are always guaranteed

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