Astrology Basics: Moon under Taurus influence

Your Moon is infused with Taurus energy if it is:

  • in major aspect with Venus;
  • in the 2nd House;
  • in Taurus.

Help your Moon to function properly, without creating fears and blocks by bringing Taurus energy to Moon’s functions.

Eat: food that is easy to cook but looks pretty; satisfying food; cakes; make sure to eat slow.
Keep at home: anything that looks beautiful for you; art that has another material shape than just a frame (sculptures, jewelry); create a collection of beautiful things or items related to finance
Watch: culinary/fashion shows, anything related to beauty that resonates with you.
Therapy: art therapy.
Home pet: small and beautiful
Create an emergency fund; don’t let yourself run out of something at home; make sure you have stock of satisfying food at home; take care of your appearance, take time to look beautiful in your own eyes.

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