Astrology Basics: Moon in natal chart – functions, and self-check.

Moon in natal chart rules/defines how we:

  • relax; 
  • adapt;
  • feel safe;
  • connected to our emotions;
  • act/react when we don’t think (automatic, instinctive, habitual actions/reaction); 
  • use/earn money;
  • how we see the world in general (if it’s a safe place or not).

Check if your Moon lets you live a productive, happy life.

If more than two things from the list are true, you may have some problems/blocks with your Moon functions:

  • don’t sleep well (too little, too much, have problems with falling asleep, wake up a lot through the night, nightmares);
  • eating disorders/allergies;
  • you can’t find a home you like and feel safe in/you don’t go out of the house/apartment because of fears;
  • you don’t live in the present moment (always need to scroll media feed, can’t spend time alone, don’t know what you feel, don’t let yourself feel something);
  • problems with communication with women how are older than you; 
  • problems with adapting to life changes;
  • problems with memory.

There is no universal method how to help your Moon go back on track because we all are different. Nevertheless, some guidance can be given. 

To be continued… 

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