The old Creigh Deeds’ horror story

Working on Terry McAuliffe’s natal chart I came across a person who defeated a brilliant fundraiser in a Democratic nomination run in 2009. Greigh Deeds. If you google Virginia State Senator, his 2013 tragedy will come up among reach results on the first page. For those who are unfamiliar with the matter, Deeds was stabbed multiple times in the head and chest by his 24-year-old son Gus. Gus then committed suicide outside the family’s rural Virginia home.

For an astrologer, this kind of case is the one you can’t say “no” to. Especially if suddenly you get 3.35 as time birth popping up in your head. So I built Greigh Deed’s natal chart using this guess and started to check if that was the right time.

Everything further in this post is a guess, an assumption based on astrological analysis which is not necessarily true. I specifically insist that my post is an attempt of a research, not a declaration of facts.

I do this because after some rectification it seems like 3.31 am is a more accurate time of birth. And that means that Venus is the ruler of the 12th House. And as we know from looking at Greg Abbott’s natal chart and life story, this placement can indicate a talent to monetize a position of victim. And Mr. Deeds proved in 2018 that he has it by settling the wrongful death lawsuit for $950,000.

One of the firth things that stand out in the natal chart is the Moon-Mercury-Saturn-Lilith t-square. Some kind of unconscious fight between fear of lack of resources (Moon in the 8th House) with ability to think clearly (Mercury) and keep things in order (Saturn), especially when it related to earning money, maintaining good energy level (the 2nd House). The most natural way to release this tension in this natal chart is Lilith in Pisces in the 4th House (distortion of understanding what home/family means, illusions about your own role in the family and at home). Keeping that t-square in mind, let’s look at prognosis charts for November 19, 2013, the day of tragedy.

We see double 1/8 formula (threat to life) multiplied by Lilith-1st House square and double 6/8 formula (getting into the hospital because of threat to life) also multiplied by Lilith conjunction with the 6th House. All these formulas are composed of Moon and Mercury, which are “the participants” of natal t-square.
The worth mentioning is the 5/8 formula (crisis with a child) which is composed of Mars. And in natal chart Mars, which represents Greigh’s children, has a trine with Uranus, the planet that may cause mental illnesses.
Interestingly in Greigh’s son Austin “Gus” natal chart, we also see the Mars-Uranus aspect.

But it’s not light, as in Creigh’s chart, it’s hard – opposition with the natural release of tension between activity and some unrested emotion in Lilith as a top of t-square. There is another point of stress and tension in Gus’ natal chart: Sun-Pluto’s opposition which could manifest in unconsciously seeing dad (Sun) as a threat (Pluto) to Gus’ identity.

In Creigh’s solar return we see solar Ascendant in the 5th House (theme of children) in the Aires (fight, conflict), solar MC is in the 2nd House (2-8 axis, dreadful crisis) with Pluto (death, crisis) right on its cusp. The 2nd solar House is a place for Lilith and Jupiter, with deepens the crisis theme. And Lunar Nodes are also on the 2-8 axis, giving a hint that a life lesson may be learned by experiencing death, a threat to life, or crisis.

And finally, transits have Uranus (sudden) – Mars (injuries) trine, activating 5th House (children), 1st House (body), and Uranus-Mars trine in Creigh’s natal chart. It could be read literally as “my kid injures my body”.
In the conclusion, I would say, the roots of the tragedy from an astrological point of view lay in the Moon-Mercury-Saturn-Lilith t-square and Mars-Uranus trine. That teaches us, that lying to ourselves and not using the energy that we have can bring a lot of pain and the worst loss that can happen to a parent.

Again, this post is just astrological research, not a statement of facts.

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