Terry McAuliffe is to become a Virginia Governor, again.

The time of birth for the second Virginia gubernatorial candidate is not known to the public. My unconscious offered 11.15 am as an option. And it fits all known events of Terry McAuliffe’s life pretty well.

Especially I love how Venus on the cusp of the 10th House in Aquarius with hard aspects from Uranus, Neptune, and Mars accompanied by Lilith in the same House and sign perfectly fits McAuliffe’s outstanding fundraising skills. And all his intriguing professional and venture career.
Terry was a Virginia Governor before so his natal chart must show the potential of being an elected official. And it does! Multiple formulas 7/10 serve as an additional confirmation of the accuracy of the time of birth.

So, what is Terry McAuliffe’s directions standing for the 2nd November elections this year?

Three 7/10 formulas, one of which is the conjunction. I will say that chances of Terry McAuliffe becoming the next Virginia Governor are much higher than Glenn Youngkin’s. I would bet money on Terry.

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