Glenn Youngkin – will a business manager become Virginia Governor?

As Richmond Times-Dispatch reports, Virginia is entering the last stretch of the governor’s race with republican Glenn Youngkin as one of the names on the ballot.

His time of birth is known to the public, I’ve got 7.35 popped up in my head. I rectified it using events from Youngkin’s life and it seems like 7.35 am may be an accurate time. With this assumption let’s look at Glenn’s natal chart.

He has multiple 7/10, 7/9 formulas which means Youngkin can become an elected official. The interesting thing, though, is Saturn has conjunction with Lilith as a part of the t-square that consists of half of the horoscope, including Sun-Venus conjunction right at the Ascendant. It may play out like some confusion and distortions in Saturn spheres, such as being in power. And Youngkin has a history of having troubles of an awkward kind when he was a co-CEO of Carlyle Group. According to Wikipedia “Bloomberg News described the co-CEO relationship as “awkward … and increasingly acrimonious”.

Let’s look at directions for July 2020 when Glenn Youngkin announced he’s stepping down.

  • three 8/10 formulas (potential for a career crisis);
  • 6th House (routine) is affected by Saturn (planet of success and results in conjunction with Lilith), Neptune (planet of all kinds of confusion and non-transparency), and Uranus (planet sending freedom);
  • Neptune-6th House trine is doubled by Lilith.
    Interestingly all “scary” aspects in directions except the Lilith one are light aspects. If a person is in good energy shape such aspects usually bring something good to life.

Solar return for dramatic summer of 2020:

Signs for being free from routine due to a crisis – Ascendant in Scorpio in the 11th House, MC is in the 8th House, Mercury-6th House opposition.

And transits show that the decision to step down was influenced by two masters of illusions – Neptune and Lilith.

And what about directions for the Virginia Governor November 2021 elections?

We see 7/10 and 10/10 formulas composed by Sun-Venus conjunction that may be too wide to work. If we count Sun only, those formulas turn into “The public wants what I want” and “I am on the top”. These indications helped Gleen Youngkin to win the Republican nomination this May. Will they be enough to win the gubernatorial elections? Until I look at the other candidate’s natal chart and prognosis, I will vote for “Nope”, especially keeping in mind Saturn-Lilith conjunction in the natal chart and the way it played out just a year ago for Youngkin retirement from Carlyle Group.

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