Is Michelle Wu next Boston mayor?

As Boston mayoral elections coming closer, I’m looking at the candidates’ natal charts. One of the poll’s leaders is Michelle Wu. Her time of birth is unknown to the public, but the 1.30 popped up in my head. I rectified it with no so many events of Michelle we know about and it looks like 1.20 pm is a better fit.

Here are some facts that also “vote” for 1.20 time of birth as correct one:

  • Moon-Pluto conjunction in the 6th House, South node in Scorpio and conjunction with Saturn also in the 6th House: at a young age became a caregiver and savior for mom, raised two younger sisters;
  • Cusp of the 3rd House is in Cancer: has three sisters and no brothers;
  • Uranus, the ruler of the 10th House in the 7th House: mom became the long term partner (lives with Michelle and her family) due to her mental illness; career in politics;
  • Mercury in conjunction with Neptune: multilingual;
  • As soon as Uranus’s role as a long-term partner was occupied by her mother, Michelle’s husband planet is Neptune in conjunction with Mercury on the cusp of the 8th House – a commercial real estate realtor.

If the time is correct, does Michelle Wu has a chance to become an elected official at a higher level than City Council? Absolutely! Just to name a few 7/10 formulas: Venus is in the 10th House; Uranus is in the 7th House; Saturn is in sextile with Jupiter.

And what about directions for November, 2nd 2021?

In the 7th and the 10th Houses, she’s got only two 7/8 formulas. That’s about divorce, not winning the elections. Is there anything else that supports this idea? We know the date, place and even time of Michelle’s youngest son Cass, let’s look at his natal chart.

In 2017 Cass perceived his mom as Moon – distant and engaged more with the public or her husband (Moon in Aquarius, in the 7th House). And his father was perceived as Sun – also distant, going through a lot of crises and existential challenges (Sun in conjunction with Mars, squares with Uranus and Jupiters, opposition with Pluto). It seems that the birth of the second child brought a lot of extreme emotions to his dad. The actual mom and dad in Cass’ chart are Pluto/Mars (Michell) and Venus (Conor Pewarski). They don’t really have any tension, but there is no connection as well. So, I would say Cass’ chart supports the idea of the potential for Michelle’s Wu divorce. But she is a person who can maintain the dysfunction pretty well and whose idea of comfort can be routine suffering, so I don’t think the divorce will be the actual case.

What about solar return?

The 1st House is very busy – 6 of 10 planets are there. It may, of course, indicate personal popularity and general success. But planets in the 1st House are on the 1-7 axis as well. So, Pluto and Saturn can indicate a crisis of partnership. And solar Ascendant in the 8th House and MC in Scorpio support this tendency.

In general, if the 1.20 pm birth time is correct, Michelle Wu doesn’t have a chance to become Boston mayor this year.

And that makes sense if you look at Michelle’s Lunar Nodes. She just turned 36, which is a time when the Universe checks if you’re doing what you wanted to do as a person in a material world when you were a spirit and pure energy. Michelle’s idea as a spirit was to gain Taurus skills and traits like no pushing, feeling satisfaction from what you already have, no survival mode, enjoying the material and beautiful side of life. And the circumstances for gaining this experience have to be of a Neptune character – relaxed, artistic, spiritual, being alone, being away from public sights, when you are playing a role. Nothing like being in the office and fighting for a better life for others. This, of course, doesn’t contradict being a mayor of Boston if Michelle could implement the above-mentioned experiences in her life as a hobby. But will she if she stays at intense work with two kids and a mother to take care of? Not sure she will. And the Universe is probably not sure as well.

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