Can Kim Janey keep her mayoral status?

November 2nd this year Boston is going to vote for the Mayor of the city. Can Kim Janey get a mayoral position through public elections after earlier this year she got it as a present from President Biden who appointed then-Boston-Mayor Marty Walsh as his administration’s labor secretary?
Let’s look at her natal chart first. I built it based on the 12:13 pm birth time that I rectified after noon popped up in my head.

Kim Janey has multiple 7/10 and 7/9 formulas due to the Venus and Saturn placements, and Saturn-Uranus/Mars/Pluto opposition. So the natal chart has “permission” to become an elected official.
And what about directions for November elections day? Are they any different from March, when Kim became the first woman of color – mayor of Boston?

Yes, they are. And they are even stronger than the March directions in my opinion. In March Janey had one 9/10 formula and one 6/10 formula which was more about job promotion than victory in elections. In November Saturn creates trine with the 10th House which gives Acting Mayor 2 formulas at once: 10/10 and 7/10.
The interesting thing, though, she also has three 8/9 formulas. That can result in losing informal leadership. Let’s look at the solar return and find out what sphere is more “active” in November.

Axis 4-10 – Ascendant is in the 4th natal House, three solar planets in the 4th solar House. Axis 1-7 – two planets, one of which is the Sun. Axis 3-9 – also three planets. Looks like the public and leadership are important spheres for the current solar year.

In transits, there is a Pluto-Sun trine that “activates” the House of career, which is good.

But at the same time, Pluto in the natal chart is not a harmonic planet and it has opposition to Saturn, the planet of career and formal power.
When there are so many contradictory indicators, it’s good to look at other runners to see what’s going on for them. Do they have any strong indications, especially in directions? That’s the question!

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