Is Biden’s career in serious danger?

The media is full of negative comments about Joe Biden’s administration performance on Afghanistan withdrawal. And some politicians even call in Biden to resign.
Are President’s official status and career in real danger? Let’s look at the prognosis.


Uranus arrived at the cusp of the 6th House around July, 24th, 2021, went through a quick stationary phase, and started its retrograde journey around August 19th, still hitting the 6th House cusp. It will stay in this position till early October 2021. The next arrival to the tender spot is in 2022, the beginning of May. And the third touch is from the middle of November 2022 till the end of March 2023. Let’s keep these dates in mind and check what is “planned” for the President in other prognosis methods.
We saw a similar indicator in Nixon’s transits for the day of resignation – Uranus (freedom) made a square from the 2nd House (because of money) with the 6th House.

And we saw Uranus-6th House conjunction in directions for recent Andrew Cuomo resignation:

The difference with Biden’s case is Uranus in Cuomo’s chart is placed in the 8th House (crisis, challenges). And Biden’s natal Uranus related to routine and public.

Are there any indications of threat to the Presidential position in solar returns for now?

Not really. The most active is the 3/9 axis which is more about changes and struggles with informal leadership.

Anything scary in solar returns for the beginning of May 2022?

Again nothing solid for serious trouble.

For November 2022 – March 2023, the most active axis in solar return is the 6/12 one with our dramatic Uranus in conjunction with the 6th House. Pluto is on the cusp of the 9th House which may indicate a crisis in informal leadership. But Saturn is right on the MC which is a plus for keeping career status quo.

The most important thing is to look at directions. If nothing is threatening in directions, solar and transits indications can bring an earthquake or storm but won’t result in some major troubles.

Directions for 2021-2022 show one 8/9 formula (threat to leadership) and that’s it.

Directions for November 2022 – March 2023 show a much more serious crisis. 3 formulas 8/9, one the 7/8 formula (the public’s love turns to hate), and even one 8/10 formula – a threat to career.

Based on the above analysis I would say nothing threatens Joe Biden’s Presidential status right now. But during the next year, the informal leadership crisis will get bigger and finally will bring a potential disaster to Biden’s political career if he won’t make some substantial transformations in his approaches and policies.

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