John Cox’s chances in recall

John Cox’s time of birth popped up in my head yesterday as 5.30 pm. I found dates for some of his relatives’ deaths to check the insight. Those deaths and general information about Cox’s life fit the time. And off we go to do some analyses of his natal chart and explore his chances to win California’s Governor seat in the recall.
John ran unsuccessfully for several positions. Did his happen due to the wrong timing or lack of chances in his natal chart in general?

We see the following factors boosting the potential to get elected: two 7/10 formulas (one is strong, one is weak). And that’s it. I think that’s why John never won an election so far – not enough chances in the line of events for him. Although the desire to rule people is true and sincere (Sun-Uranus conjunction).

Anyway, let’s check John Cox’s Directions for September 14th, 2021.

Actually, he has strong 10/10 formula and decent 7/9 formula. The problem is they are composed of signifiers of Houses, which usually is a weaker indication in comparison with rulers and planet’s positions. And we remember there is a lack of potential to be elected in the natal chart, which is the starting point anyway. If there are no chances in the natal chart, Directions can’t create them.

Let’s look at directions for November 6, 2018, when Cox lost his previous elections.

He had one 7/10 formula and one 7/9 formula. I would say the 7/10 formula has more strength, but it’s not the strongest one.
And as we remember, Gavin Newsom had one 10/10 formula and one 7/9 formula.

The 10/10 is better for being elected, but still, Newsom didn’t have 3 major indications for victory. He’s got 2 and won. That’s maybe due to the fact that his opponent doesn’t have a chance to be elected in his natal chart.

Based on the 5.30 pm birth time I would say John Cox won’t win despite the 10/10 formula composed of conjunction because his natal chart lacks the potential to become an elected official.

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