Kevin Paffrath chances in the recall

Kevin Paffrath’s time of birth is not known to the public. Even the place of his birth is not really known to the public. But what can stop a curious mind?! Nothing. And my mind decided the time is 12.12 pm. Based on this assumption my prognosis for Kevin’s chances in the California Governor recall is the following.

Starting with the natal chart as usual.

Kevin’s natal chart has two leading elements – Earth (importance of the material world, possession, steady growth, step by step progress) and Air (communication, intelligence, plurality). No wonder he became successful as a real estate (Earth) YouTuber (Air). Here are some interesting natal chart characteristics:

  • His Ascendant and the 2nd House is in Gemini: the more he communicate and chat, the more is known and the more money he makes;
  • The Sun is in Aquarius in conjunction with Saturn in 10th House: real estate and politics are his real passion and the path to success. Sun is also in conjunction with Lilith which distorts a bit of Kevin’s understanding of who he is and what he wants. Media reports Kevin had to deal with some lawsuits because of his extravagant behavior. I think that’s the influence of Lilith.
  • Moon is in Virgo in conjunction with Jupiter in 5th House: Kevin is very comfortable being an informal leader, being a center of attention, doing things his own, unique way;
  • South None is in Cancer in 2nd House, close to 3rd House: from previous lives, Kevin brought adaptability (he was brought to the U.S. from Germany when he was 18 months old, his parents got divorced when he was 6 and he grew up with his father); capability to live in the present moment; understanding other people’s needs, especially regarding their homes. All these skills he developed in situations of earning money and having tons of connections. That’s why I think all Kevin has achieved by now has to do a lot with his previous experience. It’s always great to see how people don’t forget what they already know and develop these skills and talents bringing them to a new level. The question is will he be able to become an effective doer and out-of-the-box thinker in situations that involve crisis, stress, need to be a part of massive partnerships, and respect hierarchy and its structure? We’ll see.

Does Kevin Paffrath have chances to become an elected official during his life? Yes, absolutely! Multiple connections between the 7th House (the public) and the 9th (informal leadership) and 10th (power) Houses.

Is now the time that Kevin has a chance to win the Governor’s position?

No. He’s got one 7/9 formula (the public gives the status of the informal leader). I think that’s not enough to win your first election.

When is a better time to run? 2024!

In the Directions Venus (public) will conjunct 10th House (power) – that’s one of the strongest indications of success you can get (the 7/10 formula composed by conjunction). And it’s doubled by Sun-7th House square. Very promising indicators!

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