Larry Elder’s chances in Gavin Newsom’s recall

Less than a month till Gavin Newsom’s recall Larry Elder’s name got an unexpected boost. Politico, among other media, reported “Alexandra Datig, the former fiancee and longtime radio producer for California GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, says she broke off an 18-month engagement with the conservative talk show host in 2015 after he waved a gun at her while high on marijuana”.
Unfortunately, the Elder’s time of birth is not known to the public. When I was thinking about what it might be, the number 7.30 popped up in my head. I used it to rectify Larry’s natal chart and came up with 7.23 am. So, whatever is written further is based on the assumption Larry Elder’s time of birth is 7.23 am. It may all be wrong. Nevertheless, let’s go and look at the natal chart.

I would say the strongest planets and motivations behind Larry’s behavior are Moon (comfort and adaptability); Mars (activity, entrepreneurship, fighter), Mercury (curiosity, communication), and Uranus (differ from others, shock people, feel trends and future).
Larry’s leading element is fire, so for him is natural to be an achiever, leader, take action without proper thinking/planning. The enormous amount of communication he has in life is due to Mercury in the 11th House with the square from Uranus.
There is a strong Venus-Neptune opposition, which can give an actor talent or lies/secrets/weirdness about money and/or relationships with women. A person with such aspect can measure the strength of love by sacrifices their partners can give (supposedly Larry pushed his girlfriend to make a tattoo “Larry’s Girl”. And when she did, Elder displayed a large nude portrait of her with the tattoo in their home for visitors to see).
Interestingly, Jupiter in this natal chart is not part of personality. It means values, the idea of dignity, ethics are not part of the person’s outlook, they may be learned, but hardly become internalized.
Enough of phycology, let’s look at possible events in Elder’s life. Does he have the potential of becoming an elected official? We can see the Uranus-Mars trine (formulas 7/10, 7/9); Pluto-Neptune sextile (formula 7/9); Venus-Neptune opposition (formula 7/9); Mars-10th House cusp square (formula 7/10). Not a lot of strong indicators, but I would say Larry Elder has an opportunity to become an official at some point in his life. Is this point now?
Let’s look at the Elder’s Directions for September 14th, 2021, the recall date.

The good news for Elder is he has two formulas 7/10 (the public gives power) which are not the strongest ones, but to have double makes chances to win bigger. He also has Sun giving aspects to the 9th House (I’am an informal leader) and the 7th House (love or hate from the public).
The bad news is the double 8/10 formula, which may bring problems with the status.
Solar returns indicators:

Asc in the 8th House (crisis, problems affecting person in the whole); MC in the 6th House (possible change of routine – can be good, can be bad); 5 out of 10 solar planets are in the 4th and 10th Houses (axis 4-10, good for career and politics); formulas 10/10 (career success) and 8/10 (crisis in career); Saturn and Pluto in the 1st house (crises and problems).


Saturn-Sun square (could mean literally “I am power” or some problems/restrictions due to past actions) and Jupiter-2nd House trine (Jupiter makes aspect from 10th House, so it could mean “changes in money due to career/status”, but Jupiter is also the rules of the 8th House, so this aspect can mean some problems/crises related to money).
With all these mixed indicators it’s difficult to make a conclusion, not knowing Larry Elder and not following his life and what emotional and energy state he is in now. So I made a tarot spread to understand what’s going on for Elder now:

It doesn’t look good. Mind is occupied by fears and endless negative thoughts, actions are made out of illusions or even are just lies, the core is based on some kind of infantile, irresponsible attitude. It seems like Larry is going through some stage of zeroing out.

That spread makes me think events will be most likely bring some disappointment for Larry, not a victory. We’ll see pretty soon.

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