Not stolen elections

And to be done with Donald Trump’s political career, let’s see why did he lose the 2020 elections. Directions will tell us everything we need to know.

What did 45th President have for that year?

A couple of the 8/9 formulas indicate a threat to informal leadership and potential transformation or crisis in this sphere. One 10/11 formula that can free from the power and official status. That’s it. Nothing about the public, it’s love or strengthening of the top position.

And what about Biden’s Directions?

We see the 7/10 & 10/10 formulas (the publics give power; success in career) created by Saturn-10th House opposition. Plus the 7/9 formula (informal leadership by the public’s love) and 9/9 (success as informal leader).

Directions are quite clear: no stolen elections, Joe Biden became the 46th President by people’s choice. That’s it.

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