What Donald Trump had Hillary Clinton didn’t?

Talk about narrow election victories can’t go without two last Presidential elections. Let’s start with 2016 and natal charts.

To be elected for one of the world’s top positions a person needs to have not only an ambitious personality but also a potential for victory. In astrology this potential we analyze by looking at connections between Houses.
As soon as Hillary was elected as New York Senator, she should have at least several such connections. For example, she has Venus-Mercury conjunction which is a strong connection between public and power (formula 7/10). Another connection of this kind is Venus-Saturn square, but it much weaker. She also got a few weaker connections between informal leadership and power – Mercury-Moon trine (formula 9/10). Mercury is a strong planet in Clinton’s chart, which is a good thing for her in terms of getting power, but her 10th House is not strong. That means there is no real help from the Universe or luck in her political pursuit. Whatever she gets is a result of hard work.
Donald has Venus-Saturn conjunction and Uranus in 10th House. This makes two strong connections between public and power (formula 7/10) as opposed to Hillary’s single one. These connections are supported by one weaker connection, Mars-Sun sextile (formula 9/10). I would say that only Mars is a strong planet out of all mentioned, but Uranus is a big part of Trump’s personality. And 10th house is pretty strong in his natal chart. So just being a shocking and unusual politician already gives Donald some luck and help from the Universe in achieving top positions.

And what about Directions for November 8th, 2016, the day the former NYS Senator got 2.868.686 votes more but still lost?

Hillary Clinton had one connection (formula) of the strongest kind: Venus-10th House conjunction, formula 7/10 – public gives power (do you remember Venus-Saturn square in her natal chart?).
Hillary also got two 9/10 formulas (informal leadership brings formal power) with Mercury-9th House opposition and Saturn-9th House square. And the last formula worth mentioning is 7/9 (public gives the status of informal leader) through Sun-7th House square.

Donald Trump’s directional Uranus arrived at Ascendant. This is the keystone aspect (formula) to his victory. A conjunction is the strongest connection that gives a lot of energy for events to happen. And Uranus-1st House conjunction for Trump created two strongest formulas 7/10 (public gives power), where Uranus plays both for public and for power. And these formulas landed on Donald himself (1st House). Basically, the power simply fell into his hands.
Uranus-1st House conjunction in Trump’s chart creates formula 7/7 – public’s love and being popular among the public.
He also got the 9/10 formula (informal leadership brings formal power) formula and the 9/9 formula (informal leadership happens with no extraordinary effort).

So Donald Trump’s natal chart had more potential for the biggest political dream to come true than Hillary Clinton’s. And November 2016 was the perfect time for it to play out from an astrology point of view.

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