Does Mike Pence have chances in 2024?

POLITICO reports Mike Pence convenes GOP donors for a possible 2024 Presidential run. Let’s see if Mike’s campaign is worth contributions from an astrology point of view.

Someone rectified Mike Pence’s time of birth as 9.50 am. I think the more accurate time is 9.49 am. So I will analyze everything assuming this time is correct.

Pence’s natal chart has indications of a successful political career.

Sun and Moon are in the 11th House, he feels comfortable in politics and it drives energy for Mike. The more he does politics, the better he feels. Mercury is strong in Pence’s chart and it rules both 1st and 10th Houses. Which means his own activity can bring him on top.
Is there any help from the Universe for Mike’s political career? Are lines of events in his life aligned to make his ambitions real? First, the conjunction between strong Mercury and Uranus forms formulas 10/10 (luck with career success) and 1/10 (whatever you do brings you to the top). Second, there are multiple 7-10 connections (love of the public push you to the top): Venus-Saturn trine, Jupiter-Uranus square, Neptune-Saturn trine. Third, he’s got the 7/9 formula (the public trusts you as informal leader): Venus-Jupiter square, Mars-Jupiter Square. So, there are a bunch of indicators proving Mike Pence’s political career has the Universe’s support.

Does he actually have a chance of winning in 2024?

Let’s first look at Directions for his successful bids in 2000 (first-time member of Congress), 2012 (Governor), 2016 (Vice President).

All directions have at least one conjunction in the related Houses.

Now let’s looks at the directions for elections Mike Pence lost (1988 and 2020).

There are no conjunctions or other significant indicators for the 1988 elections. For 2020 there are a couple of things to look at. There is a 7/10 formula, but it’s formed by square, not conjunction. And conjunction gave the energy to a 7/9 formula, which is more about informal status than real power.

And what kind of direction await Mike Pence in 2024?

Pretty similar to those in 1988 regarding the absence of significant indications of political success. So I would say – no, Mike Pence doesn’t have a chance to become a U.S. President in 2024.

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