Richard Nixon – (un)expected crash

Andrew Cuomo’s resignation reminded many people of Nixon’s fall. After being in politics forever 37th President of the U.S. found himself isolated 47 years ago after he resigned. So let’s look into Nixon’s natal chart and learn from his collapse.

Neptune in the 11th House can lead to global misinformation and secrets held from the public, especially in politics. At home Richard, probably, was pretty honest and sincere (Sun in 4th House in Capricorn and trine from Saturn). But he could believe that politics can’t be done without secrets.

So what do we see for August 9th, 1974, the day Richard Nixon finally resigned?

A. Directions:

  1. Multiple minor aspects creating formula 8/10 (career crisis).
  2. Sun-90-10th House – setting free from career and work.
  3. Sun-180-9th House – illusions and confusion in a role of a leader
  4. Neptune-90-6th House – freedom from routine

B. Solar return:

  1. Asc in 11th House – unexpected freedom
  2. Uranus in the 4th House (axis 4-10) – unexpected changes in career
  3. Mars in 10th House – crisis in career
  4. Saturn in 12th House – career is going through a confusion; become isolated because of the job/career

C. Transits:

Uranus-120-6th House – freedom from routine.

I love how Uranus works as a freeing tool for people who do the wrong things!

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