The whole 9 astrology yards about Andrew Cuomo’s resignation

Some astrologers define Andrew Cuomo’s time of birth as 8.25 or 8.36 am. I would say 8.08 am fits major events of the New York Governor’s life better. With this assumption, I looked at his natal chart.

A. Psychology.

For more clarity on this subject, I also build Andrew’s parents’ natal charts.

As we can see, both Mario and Matilda had Moon in a light aspect with Pluto. And Andrew got a hard aspect between these two planets. It seems his mom and dad didn’t use Pluto energy enough or at all or in a productive way. This theory is supported by Pluto’s 8th House placement in the soon-to-be-ex-Governor’s natal chart. That House shows what energies in the family should be re-thought and used in a new, constructive way. And in Andrew’s case, it’s Pluto. At its highest actualization, Pluto is about saving or transforming lives, soft pushing other’s to their better future. As for the sexual sphere, a productive way to use Pluto is to learn how to seduce partners to their pleasure. The low level of Pluto’s actualization is what Andrew Cuomo performed: using power to make women sexually interested in him.
Another nuance about Pluto in the natal chart is it rules North Lunar Nodes. That means the energy of Pluto is not yet known to Andrew. And one of the purposes of his life is to get experience with this energy.
Why I am talking about Pluto? Because it rules Mars, the planet that describes sexuality. So Andrew’s sexual behavior is influenced by Pluto which he doesn’t know how to deal with. Mars also is situated in the 11th House which multiplies occasions of sexual actions.
If we look at Andrew Cuomo’s natal chart’s on the whole, we’ll notice that the leading elements are fire and air. He knows how to be active and achieve goals, how to communicate and sell anything to anybody. But there is a lack of water, which means not a lot of empathy. It makes it difficult to understand and interpret people’s reactions and behavior. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cuomo thought women are giving him green light. It’s not an excuse, just an explanation.
Additionally, I will mention the square between Jupiter and Venus which may produce hunger for a big number of women in the Governor’s life. This aspect may be the cause of an unconscious idea “The more lovers I have in my life the cooler I am”.
Also, this square shows the relationship between Andrew and Mario. According to Matt Bai, it never had been loving and warm. Mario (Jupiter in 10th House) never was proud of his son (Venus in the 1st House). Desire to achieve much more than his father and get out of his shadow didn’t help Andrew to become a better politician. But it definitely helped the still-Governor to distinguish himself from Mario Cuomo’s legacy.

B. Events.

Let’s look at astrological prognosis methods to find out if there are indications of problems with status and career for our subject.
a) In the Directions:

  1. Sun-120-10th House (formula 8/10), where Sun is Andrew’s ego and 8th House (crisis, threat). So it’s literally Andrew Cuomo creates problems for his status himself.
  2. Mars-0-9th House – threat to an informal leadership (formula 8/9).
  3. Uranus-0-6th House – unexpected and sudden change of routine (formula 6/11).
  4. Venus-60-8th House – loss of public’s sympathy or crisis brought by public and related to women (formula 7/8)

b) In the Solar return:

  1. Asc in the 5-11 Houses axis – sudden freedom.
  2. MC is in the 2-8 Houses axis – threat to career.
  3. Jupiter and Pluto in the 9th House – leadership is in crisis

c) In transits:

  1. Pluto (crisis, punishment) activates the natal’s Jupiter-Venus square (desire for many women and struggle with luck of dad’s acceptance) from the 1st House (the Governor’s own actions).
  2. Uranus-180-11th House – freedom from political career (formula 10/11).

Very interesting case!

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